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Dispenser placement (F2)

Colocación de los dispensadores. Colocación de los dispensadores. Cómo optimizar la colocación de los dispensadores para mejorar la higiene. Download our dispenser placement guide for your specific ar

Healthcare new - Studies & Collaborations

workers want better hand hygiene training. In a new survey of more than 1000 nurses and physicians, 6 in ... 10 would like hand hygiene to be given higher priority in their ward, and as many as 8 in 10 said ... the...

Healthcare new - General areas

hand hygiene, is easy to maintain, saves time, and is environmentally friendly.. .. 560100. 420701 ... your healthcare facility, by conveniently keeping hand sanitizer and tissues close at hand for ... emp...

Programa Lavado Manos

El ROI de tener un programa eficaz de higiene de manos en el trabajo.