Be fully prepared for halftime with Tork PeakServe®!

How do you get ready for up to 65,000 washroom visitors in 15 just minutes? Pavlov Ruslan, the technical director at Zenit Arena, knows all about it.

Zenit Arena annually hosts 25 matches and five to six big events like concerts with international and Russian artists that attracts huge crowds.
Pavlov Ruslan was kind enough take a few minutes to share some of the learnings that came from hosting World Cup games, and the benefits gained from installing Tork PeakServe®. 
In a big arena like Zenit, there are many facility areas. Cleaning zones consist of outdoor spaces in front of the stadium with streets, urns, benches, trees and lawns, inside space with passages and seating, VIP lounges that seat up to 100, catering zones with recreational activities, and last but not least, washrooms in every zone. All of them have to be spotless and crowd-ready for the World Cup.
When asked about the differences in preparing for the World Cup compared to other events, Pavlov’s replied that it was completely different from anything they had ever done before. There was very little time to prepare the staff for what was to come. There was no room for mistakes. And everybody felt that the whole world was watching and that absolute professionality was expected from every member of the team.  
However, the new hand towel system that had been installed before the World Cup was already offering clear benefits. Pavlov says:
“Since the installation we’ve gotten more time for catering zones, we can quickly clean up and take out the garbage. And we don’t need to refill hand towels during match hours! This has made a huge difference during events, and especially during the World Cup.” 
The 2018 FIFA World Cup is now over but at the Zenit Arena preparations have already begun for the next big event. Below are Pavlov’s best tips on how to get crowd-ready in a hurry: 
Best practices from Zenit Arena, a main stadium for the football world cup:
  • Start preparing for the next event directly after the previous one ends! 
  • Keep outdoor areas as clean as indoor areas and aim to make a lasting impression – one that will make people want to come back. 
  • Make sure you have a sufficiently large crew and create facility zones with one person responsible for each one. Always have a mobile team ready to help where extra personnel is needed. 
  • Follow up after each event and evaluate your results so you are constantly improving your work.

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